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Carnatic Vocal Music Lessons Online

Carnatic classical music is mostly vocal unlike Hindustani Classical Music with mainly the stylistic differences in the basic elements of sruti  swara, raga , tala and these styles are all the very important concepts in learning the Indian classical music – Carnatic vocal and instrumental music or South Indian vocal music.

Carnatic music is mainly sung in small assemblies through compositions, especially the kriti the Carnatic musical Concepts are Sruti, Swara, Raga, Tala, Melakarta and Asampurna Melakarta. Carnatic Music Singing compositions are – Varnam, Kriti, Geetham, Swarajati, Ragam, Thanam, Pallavi and Thillana.

Carnatic musical Instruments used are Melody – Vocals, Saraswati Veena, Venu, Violin, Chitra veena, Nadaswaram, Mandolin and Jaltarang. Rhythm – Mridangam, Ghatam, Morsing, Kanjira and Thavil. Drone – Tambura and Shruti box.

Indian Classical Music Courses:

Regular Carnatic vocal music classes available at Divya music school centers in India are – Carnatic vocal music hobby voice lessons, Carnatic Vocal Music certificate course, Graduation – Bachelor degree, Post graduation – Masters degree and Doctorate level courses in Carnatic vocal Indian classical singing style – Carnatic vocal Gayan kala or Carnatic vocal Gayaki or Bhartiya Shastriya sangeet Karnatic – Karnataka gayaki.

Online Music Courses:

Carnatic vocal gayaki online lessons available with DM Live Core Divya music school online classes in Carnatic vocal Indian classical singing style are – Carnatic classical vocal singing hobby online lessons and Carnatic vocal music certificate level online voice classes and courses – Bhartiya Shastriya Sangit Gayan kala or Shastriya sangeet gayaki.

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Learn Western Classical Music

Western Classical Music Courses:

Regular Western Classical music classes and western popular music classes available at Divya Music School centers in India are – Western Classical music hobby voice lessons and Western Classical music certificate level courses in Western Classical Western classical singing style.

Online Music Courses:

Western Classical Vocal Music Online Lessons available with DM Live Core Divya music school online classes in Western Classical, Western popular singing style and Western classical singing style are – Western classical vocal singing hobby online lessons and Western Classical music certificate level online voice classes and courses. The one – on – one online Western Classical music voice lessons are similar to the private music classes method of imparting the Western classical vocal knowledge and training. The online Western Classical music classes by DM Live Core are the initial level Western classical singing training in its own unique way and help a young, fresher Western Classical style learner to understand and practice the basics of Western classical form of music during the short term music hobby lessons online and certificate level music classes useful for a broader global audience.

Western Classical Singing Education & Voice Training:

The highly experienced Western classical vocal musicians, qualified Western Classical singing instructors, Western Classical music talent training experts – the kids, children and adult Western Classical Music Singing trainers, noted Western Classical music training experts at Divya school of music teach the classical, traditional, lively art and technique of perfect Western Classical singing and western popular music singing. The famed, awarded and renowned Western classical music groups and Western Classical teachers faculty at Divya music school in India provide the quality music training during the full term Western classical vocal music college and Western Classical music university level courses.

Divya school of music offers Indian music lessons online – Hindustani Classical Vocal Music lessons online, Light semi classical singing classes, Carnatic music lessons online and musical instruments lessons online. Flexible online music class schedules for global music students & non-resident Indians (NRI) living in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Mauritius, Kenya, Fiji, Philippines, New Zealand, Netherlands, Thailand & other countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East & South America.

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