Hindustani Classical Music Tutor

Divya music school in India offers online music training classes for learning Indian vocal music – beginner, intermediate and advanced level Hindustani vocal online music lessons on Skype for the convenience of the music students all over the world. Divya school of music is promoted by the top music school in India – Divya music sangeet vidyalaya, as the best music education center in India conducting Online Hindustani Vocal Music hobby learning courses.


Online music courses – Hindustani gayaki online lessons on skype and Google talk : Divya music school online classes in Hindustani vocal Indian classical singing style are – Hindustani Classical Vocal singing hobby online lessons – Bhartiya Shastriya sangit gayan kala or Shastriya sangeet gayaki.

The Hindustani classical music concepts – Shruti, Swara, Alankar, Raga, Tala, Thaat and Gharana, the Hindustani Classical Generes – Dhrupad, Dhamar, Khyal, Tarana and Sadra, the Thaats and Raagas: Bilaval, Khamaj, Kafi, Asavari, Bhairav, Bhairavi, Todi, Purvi, Marwa, Kalyan, Yaman, Pilu and Khamaj etc. and Indian classical music Gharanas with their styles are all the very important concepts in learning the Indian classical music – Hindustani Vocal or North Indian vocal music.

Divya Music Center

B – 360, Vasant Kunj Enclave, New Delhi – 110 070, India

Website: http://www.musiclessonsonline.in

Email Us On: – divyamusic1@gmail.com, info@musicschoolindia.com

Mobile Number: +91 – 90131 21421

Phone Number: +91 – 11 – 6565 2377

Fax Number: +91 – 11 – 2612 5677


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